About LumiCarta Laboratories




Lumi = Luminous, light-bearing

Carta = Charter, map


LumiCarta = Luminous Charter or Light-bearing Map


LumiCarta.com is a repository of a sample of my past work and a few speculative lines of inquiry I have going right now.  Not everything I care about, nor near the full spectrum of my best work, is represented here.  More is coming soon. 


But there are a couple manifestos in the Theory section, and a handful of my better creations are represented in the Built section. 


Another purpose of this site is to plant the seeds for a school, The LumiCarta Institute.  The LumiCarta Institute will be developed on several acres of rural land in Washington State, and will be a think tank, a series of research laboratories, a retreat and conference facility, a playground and fitness center for the intellect.  As the idea matures, this site will be updated. 


Drop me an email if you’d like to communicate. 




Andrew Maxwell

Seattle, WA