Concrete Dome Project



Created for the purpose of stretching the spine. 


I once fixed an excruciatingly painful pinched nerve in my back by lying on a large boulder, on a camping trip.  My pinched nerve was from an old injury, and had flared up on a road trip, apparently irritated by sitting in the car all day.  I could barely walk. 


We were at Mt. Lassen National Park in California.  I found a large boulder, roughly spherical and about 6 feet wide, and laid on it, belly up, for about forty minutes.  It was one of the only positions in which I could be comfortable.  After forty minutes, I slowly climbed down to the ground, and oh my gosh!  The pain was ERASED from my body.  What had been a crippling condition only forty minutes earlier, was now completely gone.  There was no trace of it, no soreness, no tenderness. Nothing. 


I vowed, on that day, to make my own boulder, when I had suitable space to do so.  When I moved to Portland in the spring of 2011, my backyard afforded me the appropriate location. 





Click to see a documentary of the dome-building project on YouTube (6:37)






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