Built for Stardough's Cafe in Blue Lake, CA


I started building this copper and steel structure in November 2009 and finished it three months later, in January 2010.  It was an epic project!  I had never built anything like it before.  Metal is not my traditional medium.  But I proposed it to Dana and Toni (the owners of the cafe) and they said yes. 



I gave Dana and Toni two options:  Copper panels with steel legs, or steel panels with copper legs.  They chose the former. 



The five legs and five arches of the dome are 1 ¼ inch thinwall steel electrical tubing (EMT).  The ribs are ½ inch EMT. 



The edges of the copper panels are riveted to aluminum angle strips, which are screwed to the steel legs. 



The copper is cut into 9-inch-wide strips, and there is a one-inch overlap between the strips.





Copyright 2015 Andrew Maxwell