The Best of Andrew’s Vocal Recordings



Audio Recordings (Click song titles to link to mp3’s)



Havoc.  The top gem from the Seattle improv sessions

Delirious.  Gem #2 from the Seattle improv sessions.

Give it a wide berth.  An original.  I wrote the lyrics and composed and recorded the song. 

Veneration.  Gem #3 from the Seattle improv sessions.

Down from the Sky.  Gem #4 from the Seattle improv sessions. 



Hallelujah.  My rendition of the first three verses of the Jeff Buckley classic. 

Rock and Roll.  My cover of the Led Zeppelin classic.  Sung to a karaoke recording. 

What Child is This.  A swanky rendition of the classic spiritual.  Recorded on my iPhone in a stranger’s basement.  Not fine production value, but great attitude. 

Johnny B. Goode.  A high-energy rendition of the Chuck Berry classic recorded in the same session as “What Child is This



Imagine.  I wrote and sang the satirical lyrics to the goofy John Lennon classic.

Twitter Prison Blues.  I found some satirical lyrics online and sang them to the tune of the Johnny Cash classic “Folsom Prison Blues.”  I don’t know the author of the lyrics. 


Spoken Word

My Country ‘Tis of Thee.  I rapped the traditional lyrics of this classic American Patriotic song to a funky drum beat.




My Darling Nellie Gray.  A Civil War era song performed at my college recital. (Video hosted on Rumble)

Star Spangled Banner.  Sung at a political rally.  (Video hosted on Rumble)




Last updated June 6, 2022