Village Theory



I subscribe to (and define below) a theory of village development I call the “Radial Pedestrian Village” model, or RPV.  The RPV is based on the simple, hub-and-spoke radial pattern found at all levels of nature: from the structure of the atom, to that of a tree, to that of our solar system.



The Radial Pedestrian Village



Basic RPV concepts

1. Pedestrian-only common area at the core

2. Housing plots around the common area

3. Roads surround the housing plots

4. Each housing plot has access to both the road and the common area.

5. Common area may include gardens, play areas, meeting areas, sacred space, whatever shared facilities the particular village deems essential.

Creating an RPV on raw land



Step 1:  Blank Canvas



Step 2:  Describe Common Area



Step 3: Describe roads



Step 4: Describe individual plots





Converting a typical suburban neighborhood to an RPV





RPV Shopping Center